How to withdraw funds from watermine

This video is to show you how to initiate a withdrawal from your account. Are you ready to invest in Cryptocurrency, without the risk of the volatility of the Market?

How to add your Withdrawal Wallet to Watermine
Step By Step (Binance)
1. Login
2. Go to Binance Pro
3. Click on wallets
4. Click on BTC
5. Click Deposit
6. Copy wallet address below QR code
Go To Watermine
1. Login
2. Click settings
3. Scroll up and find Bitcoin bar space
4. Paste the copied link in the BTC bar space
5. Click change account data 
6. Go back to dashboard and click Withdraw
7. Click the circle beside BTC
8. Type the amount you want to withdraw
9. Click send and confirm Invest your MONEY and Earn DAILY


Click the link to Register:  ​

Register for Luno Wallet:  ​


Feel free to ask me any questions regarding this investment and I will be glad to guide you through the whole process as my downline. 

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Disclaimer: I do not work for Watermine. As with any investment made, there is an element of risk involved. Any investment made is made at your own risk. Please ensure you do your own research and due diligence before making any investments.